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Supermicro 1019GP-TT 1U GPU Server

Supermicro 1019GP-TT 1U GPU Server - 1xIntel Xeon Scalabe 6xDDR4 6x2.5 2xGPU 2x10GbE

CONF_SYS-1019GP-TT In stock
Supermicro 1029GQ-TNRT 1U GPU Server

Supermicro 1029GQ-TNRT 1U 2xIntel Xeon Scalable 2x2,5 NVMe 16xDIMM 4xGPU-ready 2x10GbE

CONF_SYS-1029GQ-TNRT In stock
Supermicro 1029GQ-TRT 1U GPU Server

Supermicro 1029GQ-TRT 1U 2xIntel Xeon Scalable 4x2,5 16xDIMM 4xGPU-ready 2x10GbE

CONF_SYS-1029GQ-TRT In stock
Supermicro 2029GP-TR 2U GPU Server

Supermicro 2029GP-TR 2U - 2xIntel Xeon Scalable 16xDDR4 8x2.5"/2xNVMe SIOM (AS)

CONF_SYS-2029GP-TR In stock
Supermicro 5019GP-TT 1U GPU Server

Supermicro 5019GP-TT 1U GPU Server - 1xIntel Xeon Scalable 6xDDR4 3x3.5 2xGPU 2x10GbE

CONF_SYS-5019GP-TT In stock
Supermicro 7049GP-TRT 4U/Tower GPU SERVER

Supermicro 7049GP-TRT 4U 2xIntel Xeon Scalable 8x3,5" HDD 2x 10GbE

CONF_SYS-7049GP-TRT In stock
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