Environmental Responsibility

Nextron has implemented various measures within energy efficiency, recycling and emissions from transport. As our hardware suppliers ensure a sustainable and environment-friendly production, Nextron can offer IT platforms with an environment-friendly footprint.

All new machines from Supermicro comply with RoHS requirements for production without the use of environmental toxins. Supermicro works focused on contributing to more environmentally friendly servers and storage systems. Some specific measures implemented in recent years are:

  • Increasingly efficient power supplies. Up to 95% efficiency ensures that minimal energy is lost.
  • Support for low-power processors and RAM chips significantly reduces total energy consumption in data-centers.
  • Introduced a series of heat-tolerant servers (stably operating up to 47 degrees C), potentially reducing the cooling requirements in computer rooms dramatically.

Read more about Supermicro's Green Computing initiative here: http://www.supermicro.com/about/greencomputing/

Environmental Initiatives

Nextron is a member of the Elretur a Norwegian Waste Recycle System, and is responsible for the total return process of products, from collection, environmental remediation and material recyclement.

  • All waste is being recycled, both from production and office premises.
  • We accept IT hardware waste for recycling.
  • We reuse our suppliers' packaging when forwarding goods to our customers.

If you have questions about Nextron's environmental work, please contact us at: nextron@nextron.no