Service & returns

5 Year Warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty on all complete servers and workstations. The warranty covers errors and defects that occur during the warranty period of the system, which have not occurred due to incorrect or careless treatment. Batteries have a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer's warranty applies to Desktop and Cloud Storage media.

Free Support

Support via email and phone support is free throughout the life of the machine. Support and qualified advice are provided by our own certified technicians.

Service Options

Nextron has several service options for spare parts, offering power supply, hard drives motherboards etc at favourable prices.

Prioritized dispatch of spare parts

When a customer registers a defect product on our web, a replacement product will be shipped free of charge if it is in stock. The defective part has to be returned within 14 days free of charge. This solves the problem faster and fit companies with own IT resources who can replace a faulty component.

Returning hardware to service

The machine is shipped to Nextron or a service partner for repair. Nextron offers pick-up shipment service if needed.

On-site service

Nextron offers extended service response levels based on need and urgency. When choosing an on-site service, a certified service technician is dispatched to the customer. Within the surrounding area of our Headquarters, service repair is carried out by Nextron’s own service technician, or elsewhere handled by a local service partner. Choose the service response that best suits you.

  • On-site service in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland


  • On-site service in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland


  • On-site service in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland


  • On-site service for the rest of the world



All returns must be agreed on with Nextron in advance, by filing a request on Nextron's website. Once approved, a service number is assigned for the return. Shipping cost related to the return is covered by the customer. Nextron will cover the cost of the return if the wrong product is shipped or the product is dead on arrival. Items sent to Nextron without a service number will not be accepted.

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  • Nextron's Responsibility
  • When a service request has been received, Nextron will collaborate with the customer to solve the problem. Nextron can attempt remote diagnostics and measures where possible.
  • If the equipment is not purchased with an "on-site" agreement, Nextron can consider whether to repair the equipment on-site, or at Nextron's service office.
  • Nextron can, in agreement with the customer, send the replacement parts with a courier. The customer will then replace the defective part.
  • Customer's Responsibility
  • Provide all information needed for Nextron to analyse the error and prepare service assignments with replacement parts etc.
  • Start self-tests and install and run other diagnostic tools and programs based on Nextron's advice.
  • Install BIOS and firmware updates and software updates that can be installed by the customer. Perform other problem seeking tasks on request from Nextron to help Nextron identify or solve the problem.
  • Have backup and installation media available to the technician.
  • Make the system available for troubleshooting. Including being able to switch off and restart the equipment.
  • Limitations of The Agreement
  • In the event of service dispatch revealing an error that is not covered by Nextron's hardware warranty, the service order will be invoiced according to standard service rates, and with additional cost based on driving distance and time of day.
  • The warranty terms do not apply to errors caused by compatibility issues, software and operating system issues, power supply errors, and / or overheating.
  • If the fault needs to be fixed at Nextron's headquarters, the equipment will be taken to the service workshop and once repaired returned to the customer.
  • Nextron may, based on own assessment, switch to hardware with at least equivalent performance.
  • Software re-installation is not covered by warranty or response time.
  • Other Conditions
  • Nextron's liability for any errors and omissions under this agreement is limited to performing maintenance / support. This means that Nextron cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any losses an error may cause the customer, such as loss of system uptime, lost profits or other indirect losses.
  • Nextron is not responsible for data on disks, RAID system or other media.