High-performance Processors

AMD delivers processors for workstations, servers and HPC workloads


As the high performance computing leader, AMD delivers technologies to accelerate a full range of server and desktop workloads—from general-purpose computing, to technical computing, cloud-native computing, and accelerated computing—providing the professional worker faster insights and more accurate results.

amd epyc server processor


Segment: From entry-level to high-end servers

AMD EPYC delivers exceptional performance for enterprise, cloud, and HPC workloads—helping accelerate your business results. From 8 to 96 Cores (with latest generation Genoa), a single processor now does the work that used to take a dual-CPU configuration, helping you cut maintenance costs and software licensing fees.

amd threadripper processor

AMD Threadripper Pro

Segment: From mid-range to high-end workstations

AMD Threadripper Pro represents the most powerful range of desktop CPU’s in the market today, with models from 12 to 64 Cores in a single CPU. Built on the same architecture as EPYC, Threadripper Pro offers exceptional reliability and 128 PCI-Express lanes for support of advanced workstation configurations.

amd ryzen processor

AMD Ryzen

Segment: From desktops to mid-range workstations

MD Ryzen 7000 series processors offer the best of both worlds with high frequency cores for lightly threaded 3D design tasks and up to 16 cores for multithreaded rendering and reality capture.

Nextron in an AMD Elite Partner with certified expertise on AMD CPU’s for the professional market. Our server and CPU experts are available and happy to assist, identifying the right platform and CPU for your need and budget.